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3D Archaeology Graphics at Fort Edwards

artist's concept of stockade west wall
Artist's concept of west stockade wall. Note that the lines are straight since we could not follow the actual curved lines.
On the left side there may actually be another jog in the wall allowing someone inside to fire along the northern most segment.
graphic showing firing along outside of wall to protect it
This shows the concept of firing from inside the stockade along the exterior wall
to protect it as well as to protect any gates or other weak points in the wall.
    Fort Edwards location in Capon Bridge
Topo showing the Fort site located north of the town of Capon Bridge. Although this old topo shows the fort just
outside the north limit of the town, the new additions to the town now place the fort site in the town limits.
use of a building to be used as wall in some places
This graphic is useful for showing the archaeologists may never find evidence of all of an enclosing stockade wall
since some buildings may have been used in the wall. Since they are based on logs laid on the ground there is no
permanent stain below the surface to indicate to us today there was anything there.

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