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General in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America

Gen. Braddock


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monongahela.jpgMonongahela 1754-1755: Washington's defeat, Braddock's disaster; Rene Chartrand; Opsrey Publishing, Oxford, England, 2004. This is the newest book on Braddock's defeat and the encounter that prompted his campaign. It is profusely illustrated by Stephen Walsh with sketches, photos and maps. The author is a Canadian who has been studying the colonial era for over thirty years.

Braddock at the Monongahela; by Paul E. Kopperman; Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburg, 1977. This is a unique, detailed study of the various contemporary and near-contemporary accounts of the battle that attempts to discern the credibility each account merits.

Braddock Road Chronicles, 1755; compiled by Andrew J. Wahll; Heritage Books, Inc. This is a compilation of several journals of the march arranged in chronological order so the reader can follow the march day by day.

Braddock's Campaign and the Potomac Route to the West; by Ross Netherton; Higher Education Publications, Inc., Falls Church, VA, 1989. Reprinted from the Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society Journal.

Braddock's Road Across Northern and Western Virginia: A 250th Anniversary Retrospective; by Ralph E. Hersko, Jr.; Infinity Publishing.com, West Conshohocken, PA, 2004. Easily readable, short intro and account of Braddock's campaign; unfortunately, no maps, but plenty of photos of sites along the route.

Braddock's Road Through the Virginia Colony; by Walter S. Hough; Winchester-Frederick County Historical Society, 1970. This is a study of the actual route of Braddock's march through Virginia with present day (1970) photos of the road sites.

Ill-Starred General, Braddock of the Coldstream Guard; by Lee McCardell; University of Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, 1958. The most complete biography of Gen. Edward Braddock.

The History of an Expedition Against Fort Duquesne in 1755; by Winthrop Sargent; Philadelphia, 1856. Reprint available from Wennawoods Publishing, 1997, [reprint available from www.wennawoods.com/bookstore.html]

The Legend of Braddock's Gold Reconsidered; by Gordon Kershaw; in the Maryland Historical Society Magazine; vol. 96, No. 1 (Spring 2001), The Maryland Historical Society. This is a very well researched study of the topic of what currency and/or gold Braddock's army may have had with it and what may have happened to it after the defeat.

Braddock's Defeat; The Journal of Captain Robert Cholmley's Batman; The Journal of a British Officer; Halkett's Orderly Book; ed. by Charles Hamilton; University of Oklahoma Press, Norman, OK, 1959. This is one of several publications of the various contemporary journals covering Braddock's march to the Forks.

Washingtons Expeditions (1753-1754) and Braddock's Expedition (1755) With history of Tom Fausett, the slayer of General Edward Braddock; by James Hadden; Uniontown, PA, 1910.

Westmorland History September 2002, Vol. 7, Number 2, A Magazine of the Westmoreland County Historical Society, has three articles on the march route in Pennsylvania. The articles are by Frank A. Cassell, PhD., and James V. Steeley. There is also an article on Forbes's Road. The magazine may still be available at the Fort Pitt Museum store, www.fortpittmuseum.com.


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