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A Web Site Looking Forward to the 250th Anniversary
of Gen. Edward Braddock's March to Ft. Duquesne
April - July 13, 1755

Gen. Edward Braddock

Major General Edward Braddock
General in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America

    Edward Braddock (1695?-July 9, 1755) was born in Perthshire, Scotland, about 1695. He was the son of Major-General Edward Braddock (d 1725). He joined the Coldstream Guard in 1710. In 1747 as a lieutenant-colonel he served under the Prince of Orange in Holland during the seige of Bergen-op-Zoom. In 1753 he was given the colonelcy of the 14th Foot, and in 1754 he became a major-general. Being appointed shortly thereafter to command against the French in America, he sailed from England in late 1754 arriving in Virginia in February 1755. Soon thereafter Halkett's and Dunbar's regiments arrived to begin the campaign.



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It took Gen. Braddock quite a while to get from Alexandria to Turtle Creek; it may take us a while to tell the story. Please be patient and check back as events occur since we often give a report of the event.

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