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Major General Edward Braddock
General in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America

Gen. Braddock


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Fort Necessity Fort Necessity National Battlefield
In the wooded glen not many miles away and here on this "charming field for an encounter", Lt. Col. George Washington started it all.  Shown here is a reconstruction of the small fort where Washington offered his only surrender to a foreign power.  It was the beginning of the French and Indian War in North America that necessitated the sending of Gen. Edward Braddock and two regiments of British regulars to finish what the colonials had started. When Col. Washington passed by here with Gen. Braddock in 1755 the bones of some of the men killed in '54 were still lying parched on the ground.


Ft. Pitt

Ft. Pitt (Ft. Duquesne)

Built on the location of Ft. Duquesne at the Forks of the Ohio, Ft. Pitt was the British fort guarding this strategic river location beginning in 1758 on through the Revolution. It was built by British Gen. John Forbes who in 1758 finally took the fort that Gen. Braddock had lost his life trying to conquer.
    Fort Pitt Museum


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Braddock Battlefield History CenterBraddock Battlefield History Center is a site devoted to the museum newly constructed on the actual site of Gen. Braddock's battlefield. The museum commemorates one of the most famous military engagements in the history of Colonial America, the Battle of the Monongahela, or "Braddock's Defeat" on July 9, 1755 at the beginning of the French & Indian War.    www.braddocksbattlefield.com



Carlyle House
Carlyle House in Alexandria, Virginia was used by Gen. Braddock for his historic meeting with the colonial governors. At this meeting he revealed the British plan for the elimination of the French threat to the American colonies.
    Carlyle House


Fort Edwards is one of Col. Washington's Virginia frontier settler's forts guarding settlers on the frontier. It is open seasonally and interprets both the French and Indian War on the Virginia frontier and also civilian life among settlers before and after the war.

To contact the Braddock's Road Preservation Association at Jumonville, PA click here.
For info on one of Braddock's Regiments of British Regulars: 44th Regiment of Foot click here.



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