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Major General Edward Braddock
General in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America
Gen. Braddock

Sites on Braddock's March

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Home of John Carlyle in Alexandria where Gen. Braddock met with five colonial governers before beginning his campaign.
Carlyle House
Camp site at the Forks of Capon near Bloomery, WV
Baddock's March crossed the Potomac from Virginia into Maryland near Thomas Cresap's
Fort Cumberland was located on the Maryland side of the Potomac River at Wills Creek. It was the final staging point for the army.
Ft. Cumberland
Sign on Rt. 40 at east end of Frostburg for second camp at Martin's Plantation.
camp 2 Martin's Plantation
Sign on Rt 40 in Maryland for Braddock's third camp
Sign in Maryland on Rt 40 for Braddock's fourth camp at the Little Meadow. From this point on the army moved as two units with Braddock and the lighter soldiers moving ahead.
camp 4
Maryland historic roadside marker on Rt 40 for fifth camp
camp 5
Maryland Marker on Rt 40 for Bear Camp
Pennsylvania roadside marker for Braddock's eight camp
Braddock's tenth camp at Rock Fort. Sign at junction of Rt 40 and road to Jumonville Glen.
Rock Fort camp10s.jpg
Dunbar's' camp was the last camp of the heavier supply train lead by Col. Dunbar. It is just north of Jumonville Glen where it all began.
Dunbar's Camp dunbars.jpg
Gen. Braddock's twelth camp near Stewart's Crossing.
Gen. Braddock's sixteenth camp just south of present day Mt. Pleasant.
Sign on Library Street in Braddock, PA at ball field now atop the scene of Braddock's defeat. The field was used years later during the Whiskey Rebellion.
Sign on senior citizens apartment building on Sixth Street in Braddock, PA marking the furthest west Braddock's advance guard got before falling back to "Braddock's Field"
Gen. Braddock's new grave located along Rt. 40 west of Fort Necessity; it is a short way away from the old road under which he was originally buried.
Braddock's Grave


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