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The Web Version of our Newsletter    June, 2000
The Fort Edwards Foundation of Capon Bridge, West Virginia

Romney Fifth Graders Visit an Important
Maryland Fort of the French and Indian War

Accompanied by teachers, Julie Rowan Wolford, Ray Stein and Fort Edwards Foundation member and Education Committee Chair Jean Kesner, three classes of fifth graders from Hampshire County visited the great stone fort along the Maryland side of the Potomac River known as Fort Frederick.

Everyone examines the vegetable garden in front of the main (and only) gate to the stone fort.

A trip to the Fort would not be complete without some smoke and fire!

The shingle maker was an important craftsman who kept the roof in good repair.

Although the fort has two reconstructed buildings, there is still work to be done in investigating
and reconstructing the governor's rooms and officers' quarters.

Two aspects of fort life are guard duty on the wall and sleeping (stuffed four to a bunk)!

Everyone needs a shopping break!

There may be a quiz so take good notes and get the answers right!

Are you sure that you were there???

We hope to see all these students at Fort Edwards in Capon Bridge sometime in the next year or two.  Ms. Kesner will be working diligently to prepare a wonderful program for students who would like to learn about the French and Indian War in early Hampshire County.


Fort Frederick is a member of
Col. Washington's Frontier Forts Association



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