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Locator Map for the Heritage Area



Full Proposal - a twenty some page pdf file.

Handout - a brief introduction without the county map (see below)

Map of suggested Counties in the area.

Bibliography: Books, Pamphlets and Videos with updates

People and Places (incidents) mentioned on the Frontier. This page has contemporary reports of attacks and other incidents along the frontier; it gives you some idea of what was going on during the period we are interested in.

Fry and Jefferson Map of Virginia:

For those who would like a contemporary reference map of Col. Washington's era, we are providing a link to the Fry and Jefferson Map of The Most inhabited part of Virginia containing the whole province of Maryland with part of Pensilvania, New Jersey and North Carolina. Please click here to go to the map page.

George Washington's Surveys on the Virginia Frontier 

We hope to have more references as we progress in this project. We invite your recommendations.
updated: 4/22/10