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Children's Day Opens Our
Visitor Center Season - June 27, 2009

Photos from previous events
Children's Day spinning wool

    Children's Day is a special event at Fort Edwards. Not only is it the Opening Day of our Summer Season, but it is also a special time when we concentrate on the younger members of our community. Our Artisans For Fort Edwards assemble their members and host a wonderful learning experience for all who come. Above you see two young men learning the techniques of spinning wool, a necessary craft in Joseph Edwards's time. 

Crowd watches wool spinning

   The sheep who started it all
Here is the guy whose wooly coat is being made into cloth by the spinner.

  The Snake Man with his friend




    One of the most popular exhibits at Children's Day is the Snake Man. He brings a collection of his slithering friends and delights the crowd with educational discussions of their qualities. He may even let you hang one around your neck if you are very good.

A crowd watching the snake exhibit


Trying on colonial chothes
Here we have some young ladies finding out what the well dressed woman of colonial times would wear. If you think things a complicated today, just try on these hoops!

Some fun makeup on your face
What is a festival day without some festive makeup.

 Colonial pasttime - checkers
In the days before television and mp3 players one had simpler pasttimes.
Here some young men play checkers on a tree stump.

Story telling
Another entertainment in colonial times was storytelling.

Pottery making is like playing in the mud
Working with the potter's wheel is like playing in the mud.


     We hope you will come to Children's Day on Saturday, June 27, 2009.
Come and have fun and learn some new things.


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