The Fort Edwards Foundation is a membership organization working
to preserve our colonial heritage.  If you are interested in joining in this project to preserve, protect and interpret this important site, we welcome your participation.  Please print out the following form and submit to the address thereon.
Thank you for your support.
Membership application:
Yes, I would like to join with you in this unique project
a.) to preserve, protect and interpret Joseph Edwards's home site and the French and Indian War era Fort Edwards, and
b.) to educate the public about the importance of these sites in the early history of Hampshire County and about Hampshire County's relationship to the Colonial Virginia Frontier and to the eighteenth century development of our Country.

Enclosed is my annual         ____$20.00 for a Regular Membership
Membership fee:                  ____$30.00 for a Family Membership
                                             ____$500.00 for a Lifetime Membership
       ___ check if this is a Renewal

I also enclose an additional gift of: _____________________ to further your work.
         Please note: your gifts are tax deductible; we are a 501(c)3 organization.

name: _____________________________________________

street address: ______________________________________

city: _____________________________________________

state: ________________ zip:__________________

optional:    telephone:(_____)____________________
                 email: _______________________________

Mail form and fee to:  The Fort Edwards Foundation
                                    Post Office Box 623
                                    Capon Bridge, WV 26711
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