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The Colonial Feast, 2002

On Saturday evening, April 20, 2002, The Fort Edwards Foundation held its Seventh Annual Colonial Feast commemorating the Battle of Great Cacapehon, April 18, 1756.


All our costumed participants gathered for the traditional picture.

Before the Festivities began Pastor Ron Bowyer of the Capon Bridge
Methodist Church asked the Lord's blessing upon our gathering.


The feasting board was filled some very enticing colonial fare.


feast02e.jpg feast02d.jpg
Man does not live by bread alone   -   but by cake and pie too!

After the eating came the talking.


feast02h.jpg - 13656 Bytes
We had artists making crafts and some folks just looking crafty.
(Hope they are not his teeth hanging around his neck!)

Women must go for men with teeth hanging around their neck!

Our thanks to the Petite Beef folks who shared their meat and
let us know it is like the natural beef that Joseph Edwards raised.

Photos from previous years:


feast '97 firing


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