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Heritage Day 2004 at Fort Edwards


    The most exciting thing at this year's French and Indian War Heritage Day was the ability of our sponsors to walk out on the almost finished Memorial Brick Patio and see their name in a brick. Click here to see "Building the Patio."



    As usual, Joseph Edwards would have found some folks dressed just as he probably was 250 years ago.



    Mrs. Edwards would probably be at home talking to the women who showed off some colonial crafts including quilt making. We also had for sale some Hampshire250 mementos.



    Our friends from the Lost River Museum were delighted to see the wonderful weaving demonstration of a colonial pattern.


    We also had a Farmer's Market with some wonderful fresh vegetables. Sorry, there are no pictures of the delicious bake sale items, but they went fast. Even our hungry web master did not make it back to the table in time to get an apple dumpling. The crowd, unfortunately, was not large probably due to the fact that this day was also the third anniversary of the 9/11 event. Hopefully, next year will be better attended. Now, if we can just find some folks to help get that stockade wall up!

updated: Sept. 13, 2004
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