The Fort Edwards Foundation of Capon Bridge, West Virginia   
May 16, 2002   


Springfield Elementary School at Fort Edwrds


On May 16, 2002, students from Mrs. Ricker's Fifth Grade class at Springfield Elementary School paid a visit to the Fort Edwards Visitor Center. The students were received by Charles Hall, President of The Fort Edwards Foundation.


On this sunny day everyone got to step outside on the back porch
and view the site of the home and fort of Joseph Edwards.





This class of patriots liked to have their picture taken with our flag and Col. Washington. Do you think she will put her picture up on the web?











Our soldier of the Virginia Regiment in the early red uniform got a lot of attention. Perhaps the girs were impressed by the determined smile of this handsome soldier.







Again, the display case was a center of attention. Everyone was amazed that archaeologists can find such small artifacts in the field. No one guessed that we have over six thousand artifacts from our digs.








Today, we had a willing model for our mob cap. She put her long hair under the cap so she won't get her hair caught on fire when she cooks over an open fireplace. Wonder what she is planning to cook for dinner?





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The Fort Edwards Foundation thanks the Springfield Elementary School for taking part in our program. We would also like to thank Ms. Becky Moore, Mr. Butch Kuykendall, and Mr. Steve Bailes for assisting in the development of the School Program. Thanks also to the West Virginia Humanities Council, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities, and to Gear Up for their financial assistance. We also appreciate the time and effort of Roberta Munske and her crew: Bob Flanagan and Charles Hall.


Y'all come visit!

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