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Lace Making Workshop
with Clyde & Judi DeWitt

Saturday, September 28th, 2013,
at the Visitor Center
in Capon Bridge, W.Va.

A chance to learn from Fort Edwards's own master lace makers, Clyde and Judi DeWitt the lost art of Torchon lace. Every well dressed man and woman in the eighteenth century had lace on their clothing. Then with the coming of the industrial revolution hand made lace became a lost art. In September you will have a chance to peek into this lost are and see how intricate designs were made by master lace makers as well as home industry workers.




The Fort Edwards Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of a series of workshops that we hope will become an annual event. It is our desire to bring you the opportunity to learn almost-forgotten colonial crafts from accomplished artisans. We are kicking off this series this year with three workshops featuring Calligraphy with Abby Chapple, Word Turning with Charles Boland and Fine Lacemaking with Clyde and Judi DeWitt.

Clyde and Judi DeWitt have been making lace together for over 12 years. Their teacher was a Danish woman who learned the art in England when she was a young woman. Since that time they have done further study and now demonstrate at various events and have held private classes. They were recently juried into Tamarack, West Virginia's finest craft center in Beckley. The angel shown below is one of the first of their items that will be available at this renowned craft center.

The class size will be small giving the participants plenty of time to practice the mysterious art of making beautiful lace items with a bundle of bobbins and lots of pins on a pillow. You will not have time to make any of the items shown on this page, but you will learn the few stitches that make up even the most complex designs.


The Lace Making workshop will be limited to six people, and the participants must be 16 years old or older. The cost will be $40.00; all materials will be furnished for participants use during class. Since some may be interested in only understanding the methods of this lost art, there is no opportunity to purchase equipment. However, the teachers will supply information on how and where to purchase necessary items. The workshop will commence at approximately 10:00 a.m. and run all day (4-5 p.m. if necessary), so participants should either bring a lunch (snack) or be prepared to go out to eat. There is a restaurant and also a mini-mart which makes sandwiches in Capon Brige. Be advised that working with sharp tools involves some risk and foot powered lathes can smack you on the head. To reserve a spot for the workshop call 304-874-4291.

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