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Family Tree for Joseph Edwards


Joseph Edwards of Chester County (?-1717?)
Joseph Edwards of Hampshire County (c1695/6-c1781)
Joseph Edwards of Berkeley County (c1718-1797)
Joseph Edwards (c1756-after 1827)

The second Joseph shown is our fort builder. He was probably born in Chester County, PA to Joseph Edwards and Mary Hickman. In 1734 our Joseph settled in Orange County, Virginia; Orange County was the parent county of Frederick which was the parent of Hampshire County. His eldest son, Joseph who had married a Sarah, came to Orange County about the same time and settled Opequon Creek.

Descendants of Joseph Edwards

ed-tree4.gif Descendants

Ancestors of Joseph Edwards
ed-tree2.gif Ancestors


Joseph Edwards by Marie Edwards Quisenberry and Roberta Rochford Munske (66 pages) is available at the Fort Edwards Museum Shop. The information shown above came from that booklet.

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