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In order to help you understand the context of the exploration, settlement and conflict that made the Virginia frontier of the mid 1700s so important, we are providing several maps.

1. The Fry and Jefferson Map of 1750-55  This was the first detailed map made of the expanding frontier region of the Colony of Virginia in the mid eighteenth century.  The cartographers were Joshua Fry, a mathematics professor at William and Mary College, and Peter Jefferson, father of Thomas Jefferson.

2. French and British Exploration and Settlement is a series of maps that show the difference in exploration and settlement patterns between the two great powers as they moved toward the conflict that would decide the fate of the North American Continent.

3. George Washington's Trip to the Ohio is a copy of the map that accompanied the published account of Major Washington's trip to the French on the Ohio River in the winter of 1753-54.

4. Some Forts in the Frontier Mountains is a map we produced to help you visualize the difficulty in traversing and protecting the mountain back country.

5. The Chain of Forts is an interactive map to show the locations of forts associated with Hampshire County, (now West) Virginia during the early years of the French and Indian War.

6. George Washington's War is a of the area traversed by Col. George Washington during the French and Indian War.

7. French and Indian War Campaigns is a of the area or the present United States where principal campaigns of the French and Indian War occurred.

8. Virginia - Pennsylvania Border is a small map explaining why Fort Necessity and Fort Duquesne were considered to be in the Colony of Virginia instead of in Pennsylvania where they are today.

9. Map of the Forts along the Potomac in Maryland about 1756 

10. Central Area of the French and Indian War is a map of the area south of Lakes Ontario and Erie to the North Carolina border. - New Map

11. Roadmap to Fort Edwards This is a locator map showing how to get to the Visitor Center at Fort Edwards in Capon Bridge, West Virginia.

12. French and Indian War Maps produced by The Fort Edwards FoundationAs far as we know these are the only maps produced today that show the entire theater of the French and Indian War and the forts of the central British colonies. They are suitable for framing. 

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