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Some Dates Relating to Hampshire County History:
  • 1716 Gov. Spotswood and Order of Golden Horseshoe cross Blue Ridge mountains
  • 1729(?) first settlers enter the South Branch River Valley
  • before 1735 first settlers (Corbin, Howard, Walker, Rutledge, and Forman) settled in Springfield area of South Branch Valley
  • 1736 first stone set at corner of Fairfax grant on headwaters of Potomac
  • March 1748  George Washington begins surveying in county for Lord Fairfax
  • May 26, 1748 Joseph Edwards received land grant for 400 acres on Great Cacapehon
  • 1748  200 persons reside at Pearsallís Flats
  • 1749 French Capt. Celeron sets copper plates and claims Ohio River for France at least as far as the Kanawah
  • Feb. 7, 1751 Christopher Gist sets marker on lands of the Ohio Company
  • July 4, 1751 Robert Dinwiddie appointed Lt. Gov. of Virginia Colony
  • April 1752  Washington does last surveys
  • July 7, 1752 Joseph Edwards appointed overseer for road from Jeremiah Smith's to the North River
  • 1753 Christopher Gist cuts road for Ohio Company over an old Indian route from mouth of Willís Creek to mouth of the Red Stone Creek on the Monongahela
  • Winter 1753-1754  Washington passes through county on mission to French on Ohio River
  • April 19, 1754 Col. Washington "tarried at Job Pearsall's for the arrival of troops" before his trip to try to capture Ft. Duquesne and his defeat at Ft. Necessity
  • 1754  Governor approves establishment of Hampshire County
  • May 28, 1754 George Washington attacks a small French force killing their leader, Jumonville
  • July 3, 1754 Col. Washington surrenders to the French at Ft. Necessity
  • 1755  First Hampshire Court record
  • July 9, 1755 Gen. Braddock's army ambushed at the Monongahela; Washington and the Virginians cover the retreat. The Virginia frontier is now open to French and Indian attacks.
  • April 16, 1756 Apparently, Daniel Morgan wounded near Hanging Rock on way to Winchester; two companions killed; Morgan escapes with neck/mouth wound and makes way to Edwards on the Cacapon
  • April 18, 1756  Battle of Great Cacapehon; Capt. John Fenton Mercer, Ensign Thomas Carter and fifteen men killed
  • April 22, 1756 Col. Washington writes of Mr. Paris engaging small band of Indians on North River and killing French officer with orders in his pocket to harass the frontier; Washington sends men to reinforce Ft. Edwards
  • June 30, 1758  Washington visits Pearsall's on way to join Gen. Forbes against Ft. Duquesne
  • 1765  Romney Academy built
  • 1770  Iron furnace built at Bloomery
  • Oct-Nov 1770  George Washingtonís last visit to Hampshire County; he and Dr. James Craik spend night in Romney
  • 1777  Capt. William Formanís defeat on the Ohio River during Revolutionary War
  • October, 1777 boundries of Hampshire County changed when Augusta County reformed.
  • June 7, 1781 Francis Asbury crosses Cacapon on first visit to Hampshire County; stayed at William Rannells before traveling to Richard Williams,
  • by 1786 a State road was opened from Winchester via Capon Bridge to Romney
  • 1786 Hardy County cut off from Hampshire
  • Dec. 12, 1787 Watson established; later became Capon Springs
  • Dec. 16, 1790 Town of Springfield established
  • 1796  Post Office established at Romney


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