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"In Camp with General Braddock"

Gen. Braddock arrives in Winchester,
the last town on the frontier.

Abram's Delight site54
The site of Abram's Delight with the log cabin on the left,
the house in the center and the mill to the right.
The garden is behind the house.
The Carpenter

We have checked again with our master carpenter and found that he is making progress. We are still not sure of what he is making, but it heightens the anticipation. It seems that he has squared the log to make some sort of a bench since we see what appear to be four legs temporarily overturned. Now he may be making some sort of a hole in the bench. We will check back later. Notice that he uses a wooden mallet instead of an iron hammer with which to hit the tools - in this case his hatchet. This makes them last longer.

Cooks in the Cabin
When we peaked into the log cabin we found these two pretty women cooking over the fireplace. They may not have much in terms of status or money like Mrs. Brown, but without sweet, hardworking, competent women like these two nothing would ever get done in this world. God bless them!

We also found this kindly old gentleman in the log cabin warming himself and his tankard by the kitchen fire. At every camp of soldiers one is apt to find an old timer drinking ale and telling war stories of times long past. However, we stayed a while warming oursleves by the fire and listening.

Abram's Delight houseB60
    At several times during the day we saw General Braddock in the garden with some of the curious citizens of Winchester and the surrounding area. The General took the time to explain his campaign to everyone. Here he is with his aide, George Washington, in the shade of the garden tree. Let us hope that soon they will be standing in the shade of a tree at the Forks of the Ohio River accepting the surrender of the French!
Mrs. Brown's Journal
   Another person who took the time to speak with the citizens was the very charming and attractive Mrs. Charlotte Brown. Mrs. Brown is a widow whose brother is an apothecary with the army; she is employed by the General to minister to the sick and to supervise the other nurses. She tells us that she is keeping a journal of this campaign and hopes that after Gen. Braddock's victory it might be worth something when it is published in London. We see her here speaking to the small crowd. Her young maid is in the background. The maid is a cute and useful young woman; perhaps she will find a husband among the valiant soldiers.
Mrs. Brown reading
from her journal.

Mrs. Brown & maid in garden housew36
Mrs. Brown and her young maid in the garden at Abram's Delight.
Frenchman & Mrs. Brown frenh208
We are not sure how he got here, but leave it to a French soldier to appear whenever there are pretty women around. Since we are not at war with France, we could not ask him to leave, and they seemed to enjoy his attention.
A Few Indians

    As we looked around the gardens and lawns of the beautiful home in Winchester we noticed there were not many Indians in attendance. We spied these two, one talking to visitors in the garden and another wondering around the camp. The frontier traders tell us that the Indians are very good scouts who would be of great benefit to the army. We note that Gen. Braddock does not think much of the Indians, and unless he treates them more kindly, they are apt to abandon the campaign and return to their home.

Crafts for the Army

spinner19 One does not expect to find some of the local women at a camp, but just as the army needs a carpenter and a blacksmith to make items and repair broken ones, so it needs wool, clothes, rugs and other items. Here we see one lady showing a braided rug to a couple. Often officers will buy such items to make living in a tent more comfortable. We also saw this smiling spinner making thread from wool. When uniforms and other clothing tears in the wilderness or wears out, the soldiers and officers like to have a ready supply available. This means that the movement of an army often brings much business to the small towns like Winchester that they pass through. Just think of the business that will come our way when Gen. Braddock and his army win back the Ohio Valley from the French and our British settlers move out there. Winchester will no longer be on the edge of the frontier and our goods will be in great demand.

Artisans 16


    Our two day visit to the camp of Gen. Braddock's army at Winchester is coming to an end. We would like to show you more pictures of:

young soldier josh117
brave soldiers
and young men yearning
to become soldiers,
beautiful women
- perhaps a widow
looking for
a husband???
music 113
gentle music
in the garden gazebo

but we must hurry back to the Gazette office. We hope to keep track of the march of Gen. Braddock's army, so check back again some time. But there is one last project we must check up on......

The Carpenter's Project is Finished
carpenter's shaving bench 181Finally, at the end of our tour of the camp in Winchester we find our friend, the carpenter. It is amazing. In the time of our two day visit he has completed a work bench from the logs he brought to camp. Now he is sitting on the bench using its foot operated vise to hold a small branch or board while he uses the draw knife to make a stool leg or some other round leg. He is indeed "Le Master Carpenter."

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