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Braddock's March 2005 Event
Book Signing in Winchester
June 18, 2005

    On Saturday, June 19, 2005 two new works dealing with General Braddock's march to Fort Duquesne will be highlighted at the Winchester Book Gallery on the Old Town Mall in Winchester, Virginia. The first item Hersko-b.jpgis a new book entitled: Braddock's Road Across Northern and Western Virginia: A 250th Anniversary Retrospective. The author is Ralph E. Hersko, Jr. of Richmond, Virginia, formerly of The Summit near Braddock's road in northwestern Frederick County, Virginia.

    This is a very readable book that gives a concise overview of the causes and course of the campaign. However, of most interest to Virginians and travelers looking for sites along Braddock's route west from Alexandria to the Potomac is a collection of over fifty photographs of places along the route.

    For those who desire to travel the route that Braddock took in 1755 the next item may be of special interest. Local Frederick County cartographer, Wilbur Johnston, has created a map especially for this year's anniversary.


    Shown above is a small portion of Mr. Johnston's map. It has modern highways that a traveler can use to find the various sites along the route. It is 11x17 inches so it is a convenient size either for use on the highway or for mounting. The map covers the entire route from Alexandria to Braddock's battlefield near Pittsburgh.

    Both Mr. Hersko and Mr. Johnston will be on hand from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to autograph their work and to answer questions. This is a wonderful opportunity to continue the celebration of the "Season of Braddock." For information call 540-667-3444.


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