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Major General Edward Braddock
General in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America

Gen. Braddock


July 17, 2005, Commemoration of the
Burial of General Edward Braddock

    Before daylight on the morning of July 14, 1755 just east of Orchard Camp, the remnant of Gen. Braddock's shattered army paused before continuing their retreat to the safety of Fort Cumbeland; here they laid to rest the remains of their commander who had died the evening before.  Since the chaplain of the army had been wounded in the engagement of July 9th, it fell to the young Virginia aide de camp, George Washington, to perform the Anglican service of burial.  The sign in the distance marks the exact spot on a portion of Braddock's Road where the original interment occurred. Here, on July 17, 2005 began the ceremony of commemorating the events that July morning two hundred and fifty years ago.


    After a short reading of the burial service the soldiers marched over the grave to obliterate all evidence of its presence.  The rouse had been so successful that about twenty years later when George Washington visited the area, he was unable to find the spot.

Ceremony at Braddock's monument

    After an introduction by Ken Mabery, Superintendant of Fort Necessity National Battlefield (on far right), Mr. Walter Powell, President of the Braddock Road Preservation Association, gave a short talk on General Braddock.  Following the talk, Colonel Patrick Reese Davis, Countess Mountbatten's own Frontiersmen, Legion of Horse, laid a wreath at the monument.  Col. Davis made some eloquent comments and read a letter that spoke of the long tradition of British and American soldiers standing together against a common enemy.  To see his remarks click here.

Wreath laying at Braddock Monument

    Col. Davis paying his respects to the memory of General Edward Braddock and the fallen soldiers of the Battle of the Monongahela.

Firing salute for Braddock

    The wreath laying was followed by a flintlock rifle salute by the soldiers stationed behind the monument.

Crowd at Ceremony

    After the ceremony the crowd had an opportunity to talk with the speakers and to the reenactors and to take pictures.

Reenactors at the monument

    The reenactors here pose with Col. Patrick Reese Davis before the Braddock Monument where the General's remains now lie. The remains were moved to the present location in the early nineteenth century.

Wreath at Braddock monument

    The wreath laid by Col.  Patrick Reese Davis at the grave of General Edward Braddock on July 17, 2005 in commemoration of the two hundred and fifthieth anniversary of the General's death.



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