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Major General Edward Braddock
General in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America

Gen. Braddock


Commemoration of the Death and Burial
of General Edward Braddock

    On the weekend of July 16-17, 2005 there were several events that commemorated the death and burial of General Edward Braddock, whose defeat at the hands of the French and their Indian allies had been commemorated the preceeding weekend in Braddock, Pennsylvania.  To see pages related to the different events click on the photos and links below:

July 16, 2005 Event at Jumonville

Jumonville event

To see photos from the activities at Jumonville, click here !


July 16-17 Event at Fort Necessity

Fort Necessity Braddock Event

For Fort Necessity Events click here!


July 17, 2005 Ceremony at Grave

To see photos from the Burial Ceremony click here!

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