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Major General Edward Braddock
General in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America

Gen. Braddock


Braddock’s March Dates
    Note: A large army must march in sections since campgrounds usually can not support too many men at one time. Braddock's two regiments marched separately although west of Winchester they followed the same route. From Alexandria Dunbar's Regiment marched to Frederick, Maryland hoping to follow a Maryland route to Fort Cumberland, but the roads were too bad to support the army so they crossed the Potomac and joined Halkett at Winchester.

As shown in Capt. Cholmley’s Batman (Dunbar’s Regiment):

Jan 8, 1755 sailed from Cove Near Cork (both Regiments)
March 10 arrived at Hampton, Virginia
March 16 arrive at Alexandria (other ships arrive later)
April 12 march from Alexandria to Rock Creek and crossed Potomac
April 18 arrived at Frederick, Maryland
April 21, Monday Gen. Braddock arrived from Alexandria
April 23 Gov. Sharpe of Maryland arrives in town
April 29 left Frederick for Chapman’s Ordinary
April 30 marched to “Cunnecoejeg;” encamped by Potomac River
May 1, Thursday crossed Potomac into Virginia to Widow Evans
May 4 marched to Pott’s Camp  [near Gainsboro, VA]
May 5, Monday marched to Henry Enoch’s
May 7 marched to Coxes Camp close to Potomac River [Little Cacapon]
May 8 marched to Col. Cresap’s and crossed Potomac [Oldtown]
May 10 marched to “Willses Creek;” camped on hill above the “Fort which is Called Fort Cumberland.”  “When the Genll Arived he was Salluted by the guns in the garrison.  Here we Joined the rest of the Army.”
May 16 first division of  the train of artillery arrived with 2 companies of Halket’s Regt.
May18, Sunday buried Capt. Bromley; held congress with the Indians
May 19 held another congress with Indians
May 21 two more companies of Halkett’s Regt. Joined them; bakers baked biscuits for the march
May 29, Thursday first 600 men marched 7 miles in 8 hours to camp
June 4 halted at Laurel Hill Creek
June 5 marched to Little Meadow; June 6 sent wagons back to Ft. Cumberland
June 17 by this date all the army had arrived at this camp
June 18 first 500 men march for Duquesne
June 19 1000 more men march for Duquesne
June 22 part halt and part march for Great Crossing (?)
June 27 marched to Gist’s plantation
July 7 marched to camp near Turtle Creek
July 9 Battle
July 12 destroyed supples at camp on retreat
July 13, Sunday Braddock dies in the evening
July 14, Monday march a short distance and bury Gen. Braddock; marched on
July 16 marched to little Meadow
July 17, Monday marched to Ft. Cumberland
July 21 Col. Dunbar arrives at Ft. Cumberand
July 22 all the wagons arrived
July 31 Gov. Sharpe arrived at Ft. Cumberland; left next day
August 2 marched to Col. Cresap’s
August 3, marched and crossed Potomac to Coxes
August 4, marched to Enoch’s
August 5 marched to Potses Camp
August 7, Thursday marched and camped about 7 miles from Winchester


As shown in Halkett’s Orderly Book
(note orders are usually for the next day)

April 6 1 officer and 30 men of Dunbar’s to march for Rock Creek tomorrow
April 7  1 sergeant and 20 men to march for Winchester tomorrow
April 8 all rangers and light horse march tomorrow for Winchester; 6 companies of Halkett’s to march for Winchester on Thursday.
April 10  Col. Dunbar’s Regt to march Saturday to Rock Creek (countermanded on next page ??)
April 12  1 company of Halkett’s to march tomorrow morning
April 24-25 more of Halkett’s artillery to march tomorrow
May 2 dated at Sharando River
May 3 dated Dick’s plantation
May 4-5 dated Widdow Littlers Mills
May 6 dated Back Creek
May 7 dated the Woods three miles short of Mrs. Jennings
May 8-10 dated the waters of Cape Capon
May 11 dated camp betwixt Enoxes & Coves
May 18 – June 6 dated Wills Creek
June 13-14 dated 2nd Camp from Fort Cumberland (Martin’s Plantation)
June 15 camp at Savage River
June 16-19 camp at Little Meadows
June 20-22 Bear Camp
June 24  1st Camp from the Great Crossing
June 25 Camp beyond the Great Meadows
June 27 Camp at Guests house (Gist’s)
June 29 Camp at the Crossing of the Yochoganney
July 4 Camp at The Thickett Run
July 7 Camp on The East side of Turtle Creek
July 8 Camp near Monagahelia
July 9 Battle
July 12 camp 6 miles this side Gist’s
July 13 camp at Laurel Hill
July 14 1st camp at Great Meadow
July 15 camp after crossing the Yaughagany
July 16 camp after the Great Crossing
July 17 Bear Camp
July 18 Little Bear Camp
July 19 camp at Little Meadow
July 20 Martins Camp
July 21 Fort Cumberland


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