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The Fort Edwards  Archaeologist

Unearthing the Story of Joseph Edwards's Home and Fort    


Report on the Archaeological Excavations at Fort Edwards, home site of Joseph
Edwards and a French and Indian War frontier fort of Col. George Washington.

This archaeological excavation is part of the ongoing project of The Fort Edwards Foundation of Capon Bridge, West Virginia, to preserve, protect and iterpret the home site and fort site at Joseph Edwards's land grant on the banks of the Cacapon River in Hampshire County, West Virginia. This site represents both an early settler's home of the second quarter of the eighteenth century and a French and Indian War fort in Col. George Washington's chain of forts protecting the Virginia frontier. The excavation is under the direction of Dr. Stephen McBride of Wilbur Smith Associates of Lexington, KY. This page is one of a series of reports on the work.


Index of May 2001 Daily Dig Reports

Daily Dig Reports for May, 2001:
  Monday, May 7
  Tuesday, May 8
  Wednesday, May 9
  Thursday, May 10
  Friday, May 11
  Saturday, May 12
  Weekend Special, May 13
  Monday, May 14
  Tuesday, May 15
  Wednesday, May 16
  Thursday, May 17
  Friday, May 18
  Monday, May 21

Archaeology Report


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