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Major General Edward Braddock
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Gen. Braddock


July 16 Event at Jumonville
Dunbar's Camp Commemoration


Jumonville event
As usual with an army things got underway early at the camp at Jumonville. It should be noted that this camp is on the location of Col. Dunbar's camp at the time of the Battle of the Monongahela. Gen. Braddock had split his army and moved forward with a faster moving section leaving Col. Dunbar behind to bring along the supplies and remaining artillery and troops as best he could. The lack of horses and wagons had slowed the army more seriously than Braddock had expected. When the remnant of Braddock's defeated army returned to Dunbar's camp, most of the supplies including guns and ammunition were destroyed so they would not fall into the hands of the enemy while the army quickly retreated to Fort Cumberland.

Showing off tent


After the soldiers got up and straightened up the tent it was time to show off one's living quarters to anyone who wanted to see what was inside.

Taking photos of handsome men



There was plenty of time for beautiful women to take pictures of handsome men - or is it supposed to be the other way around?

book sale table

There was plenty of opportunity to buy books on the French and Indian War
including ones specifically on the Braddock Campaign; both new publications and some out of print works were available.


Jumonville museum

One of the most interesting areas for display was the small museum at Jumonville that has many relics from Dunbar's Camp where most of the supplies and guns and ammunition were destroyed to keep them from falling into the enemy's hands. There are also items from other parts of Braddock's Road.

shot for swivel guns

The museum has displays of both axemilitary ordnance and accouterments as well as civilian items much needed by the army.  Shown above are different sized balls for the small type of swivel cannon mounted on forts or carried by armies.  The set on the right if for canister shot in larger guns.

A civilian type of artifact is the belt axe shown at right.  This was needed by both soldiers and civilians for chopping firewood and other jobs around the farm or camp. Larger broad axes would be used for felling the trees to clear the road for the army.  Below is a bridoon bit that could have been used by one of the horses pulling a wagon or gun carriage for Braddock's army.

bridoon bit
    It is such a wonderful opportunity to learn about history when one has both modern living history interpreters and actual artifacts from the site available for study.

camp card shark
    Of course the day was not all work and education. There was time for some entertainment and the opportunity for the camp's young card player to try his hand at beating some fellows out of their next pay. This young man must be doing pretty well and be somewhat honest because we remember him from the camp near Winchester.  Apparently, they have not drummed him out of camp for dishonest play.

   In keeping with its reputation for putting on excellent seminars, the BRPA held two evening talks on subjects connected to Braddock's campaign. One of the speakers was Martin West, Director of Fort Ligonier who spoke on Braddock's artillery. The other speaker was Bruce Egli who talked about military camps.

evening talk

how many in a tent?
     After the talk about military camps some folks went out to the camp and tried to see if you really could fit six people in a tent. It is mighty tight here, and they only managed five!

    We commend the Braddock Road Preservation Association and the Jumonville Conference Center for putting on such an educational and entertaining event in coordination with Fort Necessity National Battlefield to commemorate the death and burial of General Edward Braddock.  We look forward to events in the coming years to tell us about what happened on the Pennsylvania frontier after the evacuation by Col. Dunbar's troops to winter quarters far from our frontier.

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