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Major General Edward Braddock
General in Chief of His Majesty's Forces in North America

Gen. Braddock


Braddock's Camp at Forks of Capon


Forks of Capon

Forks of Capon where the North River joins the Cacapon
    Every several days Braddock's army stopped to rest and resupply the soldiers. This was the first of the rest camps west of Winchester. Here where the North River, the main tributary of the Cacapon River, joins the Cacapon was the farm of Henry Enoch. After Braddock's defeat, Enoch built a fort here. Braddock's army stopped here before the arduous trek northwest across Spring Gap Mountain toward the crossing of the Potomac at Cox's (Ferry Field) and the march in Maryland past Thomas Cresap's to Ft. Cumberland. The location is very near Bloomery, WV just off Rt. 127 (seen on the right of the photo) between Slanesville and Whitacre in Hampshire County, WV. The North River appears at the bottom center of the picture flowing north where it joins the Cacapon a bit above the center of the photo. Bloomery Iron Furnace is located just off the top center of the photo.


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