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Spring Season of School Programs Has Started

   Plan a school field trip soon! school program 3We would like to invite all school students to come and visit our site. You can learn about some of West Virginia's earliest history through our exhibit. You can also learn about a very important era of early Amercian history.

    We have specifically invited every 4th and 8th grade class in Hampshire County to visit our site in conjunction with their studies of West Virginia history, but we will be happy to schedule visits from any grade level, club or other group from Hampshire County or the surrounding counties. Home school groups are also encouraged to come. For further information or to schedule a date and time, call our school program coordinator:


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Stucents gathered around the artifact cases.


    The Fort Edwards Visitor Center is located on Springfield Grade Road, about one fifth mile north of Route 50 in Capon Bridge. We are just past the Middle School, on the right hand side of the road. Our big red sign will welcome you. You can check the Road Map for directions.

Your Visit

    The visits will last about an hour and a half on site, and may be scheduled for either morning or afternoon. Because of the small size of the building, only one class group (20 to 30 students) may be scheduled at a time. During the visit, the students will have two separate instructional periods:

1) an overview of the history and geography of the Fort Edwards site including discussion of the French and Indian War, and school6.jpg - 26789 Bytes
2) an interpretation of some of the artifacts found and an introduction to life on the colonial frontier, particularly at a frontier fort. school2.jpg - 25364 Bytes

school program 5    There will also be an opportunity to purchase items from the Museum Shop. We have both educational as well as entertaining items.

    It is important to note that our discussion of the French and Indian War era in Hampshire County is especially important since the events of September 11th. We stress to our students that in spite of the terrors of the war (and the Civil War that followed one hundred years later) the people rebuilt their homes and continued their lives building a better future for themselves and their children. Their example serves as an encouragement to us to not be deterred by tragedy and loss or to be distracted by fear and uncertainty. We can continue to follow our dreams just as they continued to follow theirs.

Program Cost
    The cost of the visit will be $2.50 per student. Fortunately, this year we have a grant from the West Virginia Humanities Council that will pay that cost for West Virginia students only. This will include free admission for a required one adult chaperone per each ten students. Handouts including The Fort Edwards School Gazette will be provided free for students at the conclusion of the visit for follow-up fun and educational use back in the classroom.

typical visit

Before you Come -

    Prior to your visit we recommend that you and your class spend some time looking at other parts of our web site to get an understanding of the importance of this site in Hampshire County, and in our nation's history. Especially check out:

  • The History link, which discusses the settlement leading to the building of Fort Edwards, the Battle that took place near there, and famous people associated with the fort (George Washington, Lord Fairfax, Daniel Morgan). There is an excellent relief map showing the location of six key frontier forts.
  • The Timeline link, which shows the chronology of dates relating to this area's early history.
  • The Expansion link, which shows four periods of expansion in colonial times.
  • The F&I War link tells about Fort Edwards in the French and Indian War.
  • The Map Index
  • The Archaeology link, which includes daily reports from the May 2001 dig and pictures of some of the artifacts that were found. It also includes excerpts from the final report on the archaeological dig. We hope that you will be as impressed as we are with the report's descriptions of the uniqueness and integrity or our site.
  • The Who Commanded Fort Edwards link focuses on the life of George Washington. From that page you can go to the page showing the Legacy Mr. Washington left for us.
  • The Colonial Gazette will take you to several pages with wonderful stories of colonial life at other sites.
  • Since 2005 is the 250th anniversary of Gen. Braddock's march through our area you may wish to visit our sister web site:


    This school field trip program is presented by The Fort Edwards Foundation with financial assistance from The West Virginia Humanities Council, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities. For more information about Fort Edwards or the school program, contact Robert Flanagan, (304) 856-3866.


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