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Our site has several sections:

   About Us tells about The Fort Edwards Foundation, the owners of the Fort Edwards site. We have a page on our expansion projects for the upcoming French and Indian War anniversary. You can also access a Membership Application if you wish to join us, and you can contact us.

History tells several stories about our site. Through it you can learn more about George Washington and Lord Fairfax, two of our major personalities. Buttons on the History page will take you to:
      information on French and British colonial expansion in North America,
      a timeline of French and Indian War events
      a Timeline for Fort Edwards,
      information on Col. Washington's chain of forts.
      and Col. Washington's description of battles.

   The Map Index lists some of our very informative maps.

   The School program page tells about our program for school classes. Through it you can also access our Colonial Gazette which lists exciting articles about colonial life at other sites.

   The Archaeology page explains the significance of our archaeology site and has a daily report on our 2004 dig as well as the final report of the archaeologist. There is also an archived copy of the daily reports and the final report from our 2001 dig. The left column of the page has some interesting pictures of artifacts and directs you to an interesting chart about what the people ate for meat.

   The Resources page lists a bibliography for those interested in further study.

   The Links page sends you to other French and Indian War sites or local Hampshire County sites.

   The Calendar lists Events of the Foundation and related sites.

   Finally, the Newsletter tells you about what we are doing and Farm Day gives you a sampling of one of our festival events.

We also host the web site for:

           Col. Washington's Frontier Forts Association

           George Washington Frontier Heritage Area




Index of Pages on Fort Edwards Web Site

New Additions:
    People, Places and Events on the frontier -

    2001 Archaeology Dig
    2004 Archaeology Dig
    Archaeology Glossary

    Dig Outline and Features

    3D Graphic of Wall feature

Articles on the French & Indian War
    Prelude to War
    Gen. Braddock's Campaign
    Braddock's Defeat by Justin Winsor
    George Washington's Remembrances
    Washington and the Forbes Campaign
    Cherokees at the Potomac Forts

Battle of Great Cacapehon


Book List, Museum Shop

Braddock, Gen. Edward
    Braddock's Campaign
    Braddock's Defeat
    Braddock's March

Calendar of Events

Chain of Forts

Clash of Empires Exhibit at Smithsonian

Colonial Feast

Colonial life at other sites
    Cumberland Gap trail west
    Fort at No. 4
    Ft. Frederick in Maryland
    Surveying in colonial times

Contact Us

Cumberland Gap trail west

Current News

Directions to fort

Edwards, Joseph
    Land grant

    Family Tree

Events (past photo reports):
    Hampshire Family Frontier Day 2016
    Art Contest 2016 pdf poster
    Cross Stitch Party 2016 pdf poster
    Hampshire Family Frontier Day 2012
    Hampshire Family Frontier Day 2011
    C.B. Founders Day 2010
    Children's Day 2009
    Children's Day 2008
    Heritage Days 2008
    Heritage Days 2007
       Heritage Days 2007 Photo Gallery
    Heritage Day 2005, our 10th Anniversary
    Heritage Day 2004
    Farm Days past
    Visitor Center Dedication 2000
    Colonial Feast 2010
    Colonial Feast 2002
    Foundation Events & People to Remember

Expansion of French & English settlement

Fairfax, Thomas, Sixth Lord
    Joseph Edwards's land grant
    Family Tree

Farm Day - our summer festival

The Foundation
    Membership application
    Expansion Plans
    Important Events & People to Remember

Forts, other
    Tours of other sites
    Fort Ashby
    Fort at No. 4
    Fort Cumberland
        in the chain of forts
        model of the fort
    Ft. Frederick in Maryland
    Fort Necessity
    Pearsall's fort
    Pearsall's fort - location quiz
    Fort Pleasant

French & Indian War new articles & old histories, etc.
    Calendar of Events
    Clash of Empires  exhibit by the Heintz Center at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC in the summer of 2007. (Archived article on the French and Indian War)
    Prelude to the War
    Logstown 1753
    Progress Toward
    Article on Gen. Forbes's Campaign
    Journal of Capt. Charles Lewis (trip to Fort Cumberland)
    People, Places and Events on the frontier -

Garden, Kitchen

Home Page

Hours of Operation

History of the Site

    Cherokees at the Potomac Forts

Lewis, Capt.Charles, Journal (trip to Fort Cumberland)

Logstown 1753

Map Index
    Chain of Forts
    Central Area of the French and Indian War
    Exploration & Settlement
    Forts on the Frontier
    French & Indian War maps (new)
       Bibliography for above
    Fry & Jefferson Map of Virginia
    Locator Map
    Road Map
    Topography of the Frontier
    Virginia-Pennsylvania Border

Martin, Thomas Bryan, agent for Lord Fairfax

Membership Application

Memorial Patio

Mercer, John Fenton

Morgan, Daniel

Museum Shop


People, Places and Events on the frontier -

Photo Gallery (see also "Events" above)

    Photos of our Fundraising Event

    Aerial Photos of site (on - Capon Bridge)


    Tree Ring Dating Project (Dendrochronology)

References & Bibliography

Roadmap to fort

School programs

Settlement by British and French
    See also "Clash of Empires" exhibit.

    3D Concept Drawing of Stockade as found to date     Stockade Progress Report

Surveying in colonial times

Timeline of history

Tree Ring Dating Project (Dendrochronology)

Tours of other sites

Visitor Center
    Locator Map
    Memorial Patio
    Peek inside the Visitor Center
    Walking Trail & Vegetation

Washington, George
    Personal Recollections (
    on Gen. Forbes's Campaign (
    General Ft Edwards history
    Biography of time in Hampshire County
    Family Tree for George Washington
    Washington's Legacy to Us
    George Washington Frontier Heritage Area
    Washington's Surveys - on

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